Becoming a Dog walker with the Wag! app... Is it for me? How much money can I make?

          Are you interested in becoming a dog walker with the Wag! app? 

10 reasons to see if this would be a good fit for you and |10 reasons why it might not be|

So.  You've found another money making app and you are ready to try it out.  One of your friends told you about this app that you can walk people's dogs and get paid for it.  Wait... What?? 

Yes, while pet parents are away at work and cannot make it home on their lunch break (if they are lucky enough to get one),or whenever they want someone to walk them, they need someone to let their babies out.  They are even willing to pay for it.  They can request a 20 minute walk, 30 minute, even up to 60 minute walk.  All of these walks vary in pricing and depend on if the owner has a promo code for the walk or not. You can potentially make 17-26$ an hour (including tip which you keep 100% of!)  You can earn extra income while in college, using this app as a way to work from home as a single mom, or even as a side time gig for supplemental income.  Luckily, unlike other work-for-yourself-apps, this one has much more earning potential. 

Wag! is not only a dog walking app, it is also a dog boarding app as well.  Owners can request that their  pet stays with you for a certain amount of time while they are away or traveling.  You can accept or decline this option. But my suggestion is for you to try it (Unless you have other animals in your home, but we will get into that later)!  

10 reasons why you should try walking for Wag:

1. You like dogs-- This is a given.  If you are a puppy person that is definitely a good start. 
2. You have a quick form of transportation-- Alot of times there are on-demand/ASAP walks that you can request to do and be there within, at the latest, 60 minutes. If you can be there within a shorter amount of time, the walk is more likely to be yours! Remember, it is still a competitive market even though it is on your schedule.
3. You have a good amount of patience-- not all dogs are created equal. They all have their own personality and way they want to walk.
4. You make it through the initial application--you do have to apply to work here. Also, they have to approve you, so make sure to do a really great job on your application. Take your time.
5. You are flexible-- like I said earlier about the on-demand walks. They are on-demand. When you get a "ding" you gotta grab it!
6. You live in a suburban area-- lots of families, lots of dogs, lots of options, lots of walkers!
7. You can think quickly in a pinch-- Dogs can be unpredictable especially around kids, other dogs, new people, etc etc etc. You have to be able to problem solve in a flash. 
8. You are looking to be your own boss-- you are going to have to make your own schedule
9. You don't mind picking up poop--Sorry! It's part of it.
10. You are somewhat athletic (or just not lazy)-- you have to be able to keep up with the dogs and to also be able to have enough strength to correct them if they pull. Some dogs are very strong.

Even if you did not get all 10 of those previously listed suggestions, I believe to be successful in this type of work you will need at least 7 out of 10 of those mentioned above.  You do not need a ton of experience with dog walking to work with Wag!  I do suggest to do some research before you get started if you are unfamiliar with dogs in general on their mannerisms and how to tell what they mean by their actions. Dogs do try and tell you what they think of you or what they need! 
What the walker app looks like 

10 reasons why you should not walk with Wag:

1. You don't like dogs
2. You are impatient
3. You don't have a somewhat open schedule on the weekdays 
4. You're worried about being in the sun- you will be outside.. alot
5. You don't like the unknown-- most of the dogs are great. Alot of the times the area where the dog is at is not so familiar.
6. Poop and pee gross you out -- sorry had to say it!
7. Going into a random person's house while they are gone or being on camera somewhat freaks you out-- this is how you get to the dog and of course people are going to watch you while you're in their house!
8. You are not 18 years old-- you have to be at least 18 years old to walk with Wag!
9. You are not mobile-- in any form
10. You don't have a smartphone-- this is essential to be able to use the app on your actual walks

So? How many of those lines applied to you in that list? If there were 6 or 7+ that you thought maybe could be you, I strongly suggest not walking with Wag! Maybe you could try Postmates or Grubhub to earn extra income.  See if Driving for Postmates would be a better fit. 

In the times that we are in, where we are an overwhelmingly on-demand society, why not look into your options and break away from a conventional 9-5 job? I know I did and I'm not looking back!

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Comment down below if you have any questions or need help with signing up for Wag! I am happy to help you 🙋 


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