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Becoming a Dog walker with the Wag! app... Is it for me? How much money can I make?

Are you interested in becoming a dog walker with the Wag! app? 10 reasons to see if this would be a good fit for you and |10 reasons why it might not be|
So.  You've found another money making app and you are ready to try it out.  One of your friends told you about this app that you can walk people's dogs and get paid for it.  Wait... What??
Yes, while pet parents are away at work and cannot make it home on their lunch break (if they are lucky enough to get one),or whenever they want someone to walk them, they need someone to let their babies out.  They are even willing to pay for it.  They can request a 20 minute walk, 30 minute, even up to 60 minute walk.  All of these walks vary in pricing and depend on if the owner has a promo code for the walk or not. You can potentially make 17-26$an hour (including tip which you keep 100% of!)  You can earn extra income while in college, using this app as a way to work from home as a single mom, or even as a side time gig for supplemental…