Clean Eating,, Why you should do it and do it now! Get rid of the "fog" brain

When you are finally ready to "clear the smoke" of fog brain 

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel lethargic and cloudy after eating a meal? You're a healthy person, you get enough sleep, and you have little stress, maybe even getting some exercises in here and there. What could be the issue?
Man, have I been there time and time again wondering the same thing.  Why do I feel like poop? (sorry poop is the best word lol).

In this day and age of endless information and social media just rampant with all kinds of advice on the next diet fad, or what the quickest way to lose weight is, even to the perfect workout plan, all it does is just send our heads spinning. What is the actual way to be healthy?  

To be honest, what I have found through my research and also applying trial and error to my own life, I have found that what you eat has the biggest role in your overall health--short term and long term. 

Now, I can't give you a full article on why and how clean (or cleaner) eating can help you.  I will have to leave that research up to you.  But, what I can do is give you the things that I have done to change my diet which have helped me immensely.  Changes have been made to both my son and my eating habits.  Here's some of them: 

1) Eat organic

Yes, I am not going to lie to you this can be a little on the expensive side. But, if you allocate your money well and budget for it you can get your produce organic at the very least.  

2) Look at your labels when grocery shopping

This is VERY important.  There's a rule of thumb where if you can't read it, or even pronounce it for that matter, (the ingredient on the label) then it's probably not good for you. Especially if it is a chemical type of name, ie. monosodium glutamate, aspartame, sucralose, or ;laksdjfivn (whatever that is) etc. These kind of ingredients can be detrimental to your nervous system and cause you massive fatigue. There are foods that are not labeled as US Certified Organic, but are not made with GMOs or any of the ingredients listed above. 

3)  Get away from GMO food

There is an independent study where lab rats where starved and separated in two groups. Then a GMO potato was put in one corner and a non GMO organic potato was put in another corner. The rats were let loose and they went straight for the organic potato and did not even touch the GMO potato. These rats were starving remember? Says something when even nature doesn't want that genetically modified Frankenstein food.  But don't take my word on that one. Do your own research on it to find out for yourself. 


Try to fill up on veggies, fruits, seeds, protein etc. You can get super full on greens and don't have to worry so much about calorie counting. When eating healthier, your brain will tell you that it's fulfilled with what it needs by giving you a satisfied fill instead of an ugly bloated "Ugh I'm stuffed" fill. 

5) Make your food from scratch
Ugh I know.  Takes extra time that we don't have. Leaves lots of dishes that we don't want to clean. These are facts. On a positive note, the food tastes much better because it's made with love and care. This way you know exactly what the ingredients are that you put in the dish (following from #2).  Plus, you can learn new recipes and your family will be excited to try or even help you cook them. Get the kids involved with cooking ... and cleaning!

Final thoughts: 
I think it would be pretty unlikely to say that we can eat this way all the time 24/7. I do truly believe and have noticed a definite change in my own life, that when you do make the change to eat clean (er), it will not be a regretted decision.  You will feel a difference in your focus, your attitude, and your overall health when you do take the plunge! Good luck and get clean!


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