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Homeschooling a child that won't pay attention

Having the wonderful option to homeschool has been a blessing in this time that we live in. Many parents are deciding to take advantage of the freedom to homeschool and braving the task. For many personal reasons, as well as the obvious ones, homeschool has had a 62% increase within the last decade. Public school are just not what they use to be when we were growing up. Public school budgets have been cut so low in the more recent years and with that also comes cuts to extra curricular activities, which are vital to a student's well-rounded education. Add this government pushed garbage, the Core Curriculum, to overfilled and understaffed classrooms.  The result?  Many of our children are confused, discouraged, even scared to go to school. For the spiritual parents, they feel that what is being taught in the public school can be flat out lies (THEORY of Evolution, Big Bang theory etc etc).  School shootings are at an all time high affecting a daily security that parents have with s…

Clean Eating,, Why you should do it and do it now! Get rid of the "fog" brain

1) Eat organic
Yes, I am not going to lie to you this can be a little on the expensive side. But, if you allocate your money well and budget for it you can get your produce organic at the very least.  
2) Look at your labels when grocery shopping
This is VERY important.  There's a rule of thumb where if you can't read it, or even pronounce it for that matter, (the ingredient on the label) then it's probably not good for you. Especially if it is a chemical type of name, ie. monosodium glutamate, aspartame, sucralose, or ;laksdjfivn (whatever that is) etc. These kind of ingredients can be detrimental to your nervous system and cause you massive fatigue. There are foods that are not labeled as US Certified Organic, but are not made with GMOs or any of the ingredients listed above. 
3)  Get away from GMO food
There is an independent study where lab rats where starved and separated in two groups. Then a GMO potato was put in one corner and a non GMO organic potato was put in another…

When life has you reflecting, And you're stuck in a moment...

Thinking back to those times sometimes makes me wonder....
💔💔 Photo by @photogal21476 (instagram)
The Cold Hard Truth I was in love once you know.  I was young, vibrant, full of passion, and fierce loyalty.  Ready and excited for marriage, you know like every young girl dreams of.  The house. The family. The husband. The future- the hopes and dreams of it. Excited wasn't even the word, more like determined to make life work even unto the utmost.  To make a husband the king of his castle. For him to rule and reign with honesty and integrity with me behind him all the way.  To have respectful children that just make the neighbors say "Oooo little Baby (insert name here) is just a gem and so respectful!" Isn't that what all women want? I thought to myself. I mean, Love seemed so attainable and real in all the Disney movies I watched as a child, that I just knew that's exactly how it would be when I was an adult, right? 
It's what I wanted... and I was going to do w…